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Luxury Vinyl Plank in Wallingford, CT

Luxury Vinyl Plank in Wallingford, CT.You can have the high-end look of wood flooring in your home without the high-end cost. Hardwood has been a classic choice for centuries because it adds elegance and appeal in any home; however, it isn’t always a good fit for every space or budget. Whether you are trying to put in new floors in a mansion or a two-bedroom house, we offer you the realistic look of stunning hardwood that is guaranteed to impress. Check out our collections of luxury vinyl plank in Wallingford, CT, and you’ll find exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost.

Our options of resilient plank flooring are made with vinyl, which is the perfect wood flooring substitute because it offers both style and durability. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, vinyl is able to take on the actual texture, color, and overall design of natural materials such as hardwood, making it the ideal material to have the look you seek, with enhanced durability, and all at a great price. We have an extensive selection of luxury vinyl plank as well as luxury vinyl tile to choose from.

Do You Want the Look of Wood in Your Bathroom?

Imagine the look of wood flooring flowing seamlessly through your home. Traditionally, the bathroom and kitchen have been rooms where wood flooring isn’t welcomed, but homeowners now have a way to get the look of wood in every room of the home. What makes vinyl so great is that it can be used to produce waterproof plank flooring. That’s right -- the same great material used in exteriors for siding and fencing is now applicable inside your home. If a thunderstorm can’t hurt it, your bathtub or shower isn’t about to be damaged.

Just like its outdoor counterpart, luxury plank flooring is also able to take a lot of use and keep looking good for years to come. Thanks to the durability of manufactured materials, vinyl stands up to heavy traffic, scratches, and general hard use. These features makes luxury planks the ideal flooring choice for offices and homeowners who want to actually live on their flooring instead of just looking at it.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Is Quick & Easy

With traditional hardwood there is an adjustment period where the floor needs to settle before being walked on. On the other hand, vinyl planks are able to be walked on right away. Best of all, the flooring is easier to install as well, so a professional team of installers is able to get the job done in a short amount of time. Don’t wait any longer to have the flooring you deserve. Visit our showroom today and take a look at our luxury vinyl planks, available in many species, finishes, grain patterns, and whorls.


Contact us to learn more about the benefits of vinyl planks. We proudly serve customers in Wallingford, Meriden, North Haven, Hamden, and Cheshire, Connecticut, and surrounding areas.

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