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There are many reasons for selecting modular carpet tile for your home or business.

Reduces Carpet Waste Factor – Compared to wall-to-wall carpet, the overall requirement of carpeting material is significantly less since the tiles sizes minimizes waste.
Easy to Maintain and Repair - One of the biggest challenges of having carpeting is that is extremely hard to keep it clean.  If a something was spilled on a wall-to-wall carpet, there is good chance that the entire carpet would have to be professionally cleaned. With carpet tiles, the spill can be dealt with at a smaller scale.  If necessary, a single or multiple tiles can be replaced with brand new ones without having to replace the entire room.
Hygienic - Some carpets tend to be harmful to people who have sensitive respiratory systems. Due to its vinyl backing, carpet tiles do not act as a filter as regular carpets do. For this reason, carpet tiles minimize dust flowing throughout the air.
Styles & Colors - Carpet tile normally comes in a wide variety of styles and designs, so you can find something that can satisfy your needs.
Commercial Application - Carpet tile combines impressive styling with exceptional quality, durability and cost savings and consistently receive rave reviews from all industries, including Education, Healthcare, Government, Retail, Hospitality, Corporate Offices and more.
Glue-less Installations - Unlike broadloom carpet, some carpet tiles use a glue-free system that makes installation a snap.  Maintenance is easier as well, as stain-resistant tiles can be replaced in seconds and often don’t require moving everything in your facility or room.
Return on Investment - In today’s challenging times, everyone is looking to do more with less when it comes to the budget.  Carpet tiles provide long-term savings because they install with less mess and waste and offer hassle-free maintenance.