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Cork is the bark of an oak tree known as Quercus Suber, which grows along the Mediterranean Sea.  For its distinctive features, cork has been used throughout history for fishing floats, bottle stoppers, and soles of shoes.  It is a completely renewable resource, regenerating itself after repeated harvest.  Cork has remarkable characteristics unmatched by any other flooring material.  One cubic inch of cork contains more than 200 million completely enclosed air cells.  This unique structure gives cork the attributes of resilience and durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, moisture resistance, and it is hypoallergenic.  Cork flooring is comfortable, quiet and warm underfoot.  Best of all, cork is beautiful, easy to care for and 100% natural-making it an ideal flooring choice for any room.  We truly believe that cork is not just good for business…it is good for the world.

Why Cork?

Environmentally Friendly
Cork keeps trees alive!  Cork floors are made with natural products and in the case of cork, an outstandingly ecological material, thus providing an environmentally friendly flooring solution.  Mindful of today’s need for conservation, cork flooring is a true environmental alternative.

Fast and Easy Installation
Whether you choose the floating or glued-down option cork flooring is easier and quicker to install than ever before. Cork flooring saves time and reduces installation expense.

Cork reduces sound transmission between and within rooms, creating a quieter, and therefore peaceful, environment in your home.

The unique characteristics of cork also ensure that is cork floor is more comfortable to walk and stand on.  Cork’s shock-absorbing properties relieve strain on your feet, joints legs and back.

The unique qualities of cork offer benefits other floors can’t match,  The natural thermal insulation properties make floors very pleasant to the touch even with bare feet as they provide an optimal floor temperature all year round.

Cork Floors come with surface finishes that put a stop to entrapped dirt, germs or fungus, thus actively contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment.

Easy Maintenance
The specialized surface finishes of cork floors make them easier for you to clean and maintain.  A vacuum cleaner and a mop are all that is required to keep cork floors looking as good as new.